Renewable Natural Gas in Northern Ireland

Puregas Solutions will feature at the inaugural ADBA Northern Ireland Conference on 5th October at the Europa Hotel, Belfast.
The event will bring the entire Northern Irish AD industry together to hear about the latest technical and policy developments and to share experiences on renewable natural gas and how to maximise revenues through operational performance and best practice.

Topics at a glance:
Increasing your guaranteed subsidy payments by ensuring your digester is performing to its full potential
Maximising feedstock productivity derived from farm slurry
How to increase energy production from farm waste
How to improve nutritional management of digestate and reduce your fertiliser costs
Policy and regulatory changes in Northern Ireland
Ireland as an island – Brexit, the new government and trade between north and south – how will this impact the future of the industry in Northern Ireland?

ADBA’s pioneering Best Practice Scheme
With more plants per head than any other country in the UK and a phenomenal growth rate to boot, there’s a lot of knowledge and experience to be shared in the Northern Irish AD industry. The ADBA Northern Ireland National Conference is the place to come to find out how the industry can improve performance and reduce costs whilst providing vital support for rural communities.

ADBA Chief Executive Charlotte Morton

Puregas Solutions is a Swedish based company delivering highly efficient and reliable biogas upgrading solutions. Puregas has subsidiaries in the UK, Denmark, Germany and USA.
With over 20 years’ experience Puregas Solutions supplies Biogas Upgrading Plants. The CApure upgrading process recovers 99.9% of the available methane from raw biogas, maximising biomethane yields and revenues with exceptionally low operational costs. Puregas provides fully integrated solutions for biogas upgrading and have over 30 plants already operating.
Our process recovers over 99.9% of the biomethane present in the raw biogas by separating the CO2 from the biogas through a process of chemical adsorption. The selective organic solvents used in this process are so efficient that the biomethane can contain more than 99% methane and is suitable for vehicle fuel or to be injected into the grid.
We can help you in your biomethane project, whether it be for renewable natural gas grid injection, virtual pipeline or compression for bioCNG fuelling, in addition to liquefaction for bioLNG.

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