Case Study

Biogas Upgrading Plant – Mosserud 24hr Startup

24 hours startup

The CApure 900S Biogas Upgrading Plant delivered to Biogasbolaget had a very smooth installation. The plant was fully built and tested in the Puregas Solutions workshop, this provided excellent conditions for a quick startup as the plant had already been run in the factory. From the point of taking in raw biogas, the CApure Biogas Upgrading Plant was up and running delivering biomethane for vehicle fuel in only 24 hours.



Facts in brief:

  • Incoming substrate (waste material): Liquid and solid manure, food waste, silage and liquid fat.
  • Total outgoing organic fertilizer: 90,000 tons per year
  • Upgraded biogas (methane) vehicle fuel: 5 million Nm3 per year. (48 GWh)

Upgrading plant:

Puregas Solutions AB has been the contractor of CApure 900S Biogas Upgrading Plant and High Pressure Compression station. The plant has the capacity to upgrade 900 Nm3 raw gas per hour. The raw gas which is to be purified has a content of 62% methane. After cleaning and drying the raw gas the product gas is 99.7 % methane, with a dew point of less than -60°C, and has the required classification for vehicle fuel.

This plant has very low energy consumption as a full scale heat recovery concept has been integrated, 90 % of the heat energy needed for the upgrading process is reused in the biogas production process.

The bio-methane is compressed in the CApure upgrading plant to 4 bar and transferred via a pipeline to the high-pressure compressor plant. The high-pressure plant compresses the biomethane to 250 bar and fills the gas containers and also feeds the filling station with pure, “green” and powerful vehicle fuel.

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